The Head of charter airline connected with the founder of Tez Tour was arrested

The General Director of iFly airline Evgeny Filatov was arrested in the case of bribery. iFly is affiliated with the co-founder of Tez Tour operator, but also transported the clients of Intourist and TUI.

The CEO of iFly charter airline Yevgeny Filatov was arrested on the decision of the Meshchansky District Court on July 10, it’s following from data of the court. Co-founder, Commercial director of Tez Tour and co-owner of iFly Alexander Burtin (25%) confirmed the detention of Filatov in the case of bribery. He did not give details. A source in law enforcement also confirmed the arrest of Filatov.

"The relationship between the tour operator (Tez Tour) and the air carrier (iFly) will not affected by this fact in any way", - said Burtin. According to him, now iFly has minimal volumes of Tez Tour flight program. As the representative of Tez Tour specified, the tour operator flies by the boards of iFly to Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria and China. "The main partners of the airline this season are other tour operators, in particular TUI and Intourist", - he said.

The representative of Intourist said that the share of iFly this season in the transportation does not exceed 5%: for Intourist the airline carries out primarily charter flights to Turkish Dalaman. A representative of TUI said that the company is one of the customers of iFly flights on the Turkish direction, but works with the carrier through an intermediary, but he did not name the intermediary himself.

iFly is a Russian charter carrier who performs flights to Turkey, Thailand, Italy and other countries. In its operation there are nine aircraft - eight Airbus and one Boeing, it follows from the data of the registry of Rosaviation.

In addition to Burtin, his son Ivan is co-owner of iFly company (66%) and Silk Road (9%), which is under control of Hong Kong's Joy Tour Global Ltd.

In mid-May 2018 Rosaviatsia cut the iFly charter program by 10% in June due to numerous delays and cancellations of flights from April 15 to May 14, as well as the lack of the necessary number of reserve boards. By the results of May, iFly became one of the record holders for delays - 8.9% of flights were delayed more than two hours. On July 3 the Moscow interregional transport prosecutor's office said that it conducted an inspection connected with the incident with iFly passenger airplane, which immediately landed at Vnukovo Airport.

Rosaviatsia had claims to iFly in 2016. The Agency limited the term of the operator's certificate from August to October, but later the restriction was lifted.