DSBW-Tours terminates tour operator activities

DSBW-Tours tour operator on Tuesday, July 3, announced the suspension of its activities. Here is the comment of the owner of the company Karen Goncharov:

"I made a difficult decision to suspend the activities of my company - the tour operator DSBW-Tours - today, July 3, 2018, from 15:00. In the current circumstances we can no longer fulfill our obligations to customers and the bank. The last few years we have been honestly fighting for the preservation of our business. Our company has become the home for most employees and clients have become our friends. Today we lost everything. Leaving my company I want to apologize to all current and former employees, to long-term clients for what happened today.

All the tourists are insured in two insurance companies - InvestStrah (for $ 791 000) and Orbita (for $ 791 000). All the information is on the site www.dsbw.ru. This money is completely enough to compensate the cost of unsubstantiated services. We are now engaged in the preparation of documents for insurance companies. The documents can be taken from July 4, 2018 in our head office at 1 Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, 25, building 1”.