When the first direct flights with tourists will be launched to Egypt

Create: 11/08/2018 - 15:21
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Recall that on the eve of the visit of the Egyptian President to Moscow, the transport agencies of the two countries already discussed the possibility of resuming charter flights from Russian cities to such Egyptian resorts like Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and Marsa Alam. The earliest date of starting is planned for mid-November. However, the sources in the aviation industry say that this is the closest possible date, and, most likely, it will take more time.

According to most experts, taking into account an optimistic scenario, the trial, and, most likely, regular flights to the resorts of Egypt can fly as early as December 2018.

Much will depend on the start dates and the readiness of the results of the final checks. Although, of the 17 points from the Russian side (which included separate terminals for Russians and the presence of Russian specialists at pre-flight control), Egypt fulfilled only 3. The president’s promise at the meeting of the two leaders to start charters soon may soften Russian conditions.

Tour industry experts rightly say that it’s too early to talk about the price level before the opening of flights. One can only have hopes for one or another scenario, based on the logic of the situation.

“Now no one can definitely say what the prices for tours to Egypt will be if charter flights to the resorts of this country are restored in the coming months. However, there are expectations that prices for hotels and services in Egypt will remain at the level of 2014. Prior to the termination of flights to Egypt, the tour in 4-star hotel on the all-inclusive basis for a week with air transportation and transfers cost 25-29 thousand Rubles ($ 381 – 442),” said Maya Lomidze, the executive director of ATOR.