What factors will influence Bulgaria's summer demand in 2019

Create: 10/09/2018 - 15:17
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Market participants, predicting the demand for the next season, note a number of important factors that may affect sales. First, as experts say, in conditions of rising fuel prices charter carriers, affiliated with tour operators, will prefer to fly more in those directions where subsidies from foreign countries are available.

Subsidies for Russian charters from Bulgaria would be the best solution in this situation, but the rules and regulations of the EU prohibits direct subsidization of flights. Nevertheless, the way out can be found: as one of the experts says, "the tourism departments of various European countries have the opportunity to somehow subsidize foreign companies through other mechanisms".

Another important point, according to the conclusion of tour operators, is the pricing policy of Bulgarian hoteliers and incoming companies. According to the Russian tourist industry, they should "set the same prices for European tourists and for Russian ones".

The third important factor that could stimulate the demand for Bulgaria in the medium and long term is the increase in the number of facilities on "all inclusive" basis and the improvement of the quality and range of services for resort hotels in general.

As it was explained by one of the market participants, mostly loyal tourists of the direction choose 4-5* hotels on "all inclusive" basis or, vice versa, private accommodation. At the same time, in the opinion of many travel agents, a significant part of Bulgarian hotels of 3-4-stars level still lose by the "price-quality" ratio.

"Such objects have small territories, old rooms. That all has a negative impact on recurrent tourists: very often the next season they consider an alternative rest options at the same price, but in other countries", one expert explained.