What Bali’s resorts are the leaders of demand on the Russian market?

Create: 10/10/2018 - 16:09
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The preferences of Russian tourists at Bali resorts remain unchanged: among the most requested regions are Nusa Dua and Jimbaran, Seminyak and Kuta.

"The choice of these resorts is connected, first of all, with the price factor and the development of the hotel infrastructure", - ANEX Tour operator explains. Also there is an increase of requests for combined tours, for example, the mainland + rest on the coast and Bali + Ubud.

According to Anna Filatovskaya, the combined tours with neighboring Singapore, where tourists stop for 2-3 nights, are also in demand.

According to the observations of Yulia Saburova from VEDI TURGRUPP, young people usually go to Seminyak and Kutu, where there are many water activities and active nightlife. Newly wedded couples prefer combined programs with SPA rest at Ubud resorts + rest on the coast and in the southern region of Pechatu.

As noted Marina Makarkova from Coral Travel, tourists mostly choose the rest on BB or HB bases, because there is an excellent tourist infrastructure near the hotels on Bali. Due to the long flight time Russian tourists prefer to rest 10-12 nights or more.

As tour operators reported, the opening of direct transportation from Moscow to Bali caused a noticeable interest of tourists.

"The main players on the route Moscow-Denpasar were world leaders of passenger air transportation - Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways and Emirates. They offer the most convenient flights, but all these flights are connecting ones. Today tourists more likely book tours with a direct Aeroflot flight”, - emphasizes Marina Makarkova.

According to ANEX Tour, the direct transportation allows "making the final cost of the tour more profitable". So, according to the tour operator, New Year's trips for 8 days with the direct Aeroflot flight start from $ 1,214 per person (2-stars hotel), from $ 1,242 per person (3-stars hotel) from $ 1,305 per person (4-stars hotel); from 1,395 dollars per person (5-stars hotel).

In 2018 Indonesia plans to host about 150,000 Russians. And the country actively promotes alternative variants for popular Bali (so-called "10 new Bali"), and more closely cooperates with tour operators.