Tours to India are sold cheaper than the cost of a flight

Create: 11/01/2017 - 08:48

The minimum price for weekly tours from Moscow to Goa Indian resort from November 6 to 8 starts from 30.5 thousand Rubles ($ 527) for two persons. This is noticeably lower than the cost of the flight, which is about 21 thousand Rubles ($ 346) for one person. Such results were shown by price monitoring in online booking systems of tour operators, conducted by the professional portal on October 27.

Market participants not hurry to make conclusions about the global oversupply of air transportation on the direction based on sales of tours for the first flights of the winter season. The CEO of Pegasus Anna Podgornaya considers special offers for the beginning of November as a local phenomenon. In her opinion, it is premature to talk about the need to correct flight programs. And it is noted in Biblio-Globus quite a good loading of their flights to Goa on the boards of Rossiya airline. So, on Boeing 747, which should fly to India on November 7, as of October 25, there were 31 empty seats of 522. On the boards of departing flights on November 8 and 10 - 27 and 40 empty seats, respectively. At the same time, the company explained that demand mainly are for 10 and 14 nights tours, the prices for which allow working with an acceptable profitability. This is confirmed by the minimum tariffs for such trips: 10-day tours are from 44 thousand Rubles ($ 760) for two persons and two-week tours are about 80 thousand Rubles ($ 1383).

Tour operators have to stimulate only the sale of week-long tours, which, according to experts, is a common fact for the start of the season - this allows a more stable loading of the returning air boards.

As for the flight schedule of tour operators from Moscow to Goa, Biblio-Globus has five weekly departures, which corresponds to the last year's intensity of flights. The equal number of flights has ANEX Tour. Pegas Touristik and Coral Travel will send tourists to Goa four times a week by Royal Flight airplanes.

Recall, that as of October 19 India was on the third place by booking of tours for New Year's dates.