Tours to Crete are sold not good, prices are falling

Create: 07/10/2018 - 10:48

By the end of May, 3% less passengers from Russia arrived at Heraklion airport in Crete in comparison with the same month of the last year. This follows from the latest statistics of the main air harbor of the Greek island.

Germany, the main supplier of tourists to Crete, has positive dynamics + 32%. 4% more travelers came from UK, which is on the second line in the list of incoming countries. Very good indicators have the Netherlands (+19%) and Poland (+62%). These countries are on the fourth and fifth positions. Russia is on the third line.

Let's note, the minimum prices of tours to Crete for the third decade of June started from 25 thousand Rubles (345 Euros) for two persons for a week. This is comparable with the cost of seats of tour operators on the boards of air carriers. According to some market players, the price drop for tour packages amounted about 30%.

The decreasing of sales is connected with pre-season increasing of tariffs of Cretan hotels (3 - 8% against the last summer). Turkey’s competition on the market this year and a noticeable growth of Euro exchange.

As experts say, a small optimization of flight programs has already been made on the direction. The total volume of air transportation now does not exceed the last year's one. However, for the balance of supply and demand additional reduction of flights is necessary - by another 20-30%.