The results of Russian tourism on the island of Bali for 2017

Create: 04/16/2018 - 15:41

The flow of tourists from Russia to the island of Bali increased by 41.7% in 2017, according to statistical data published by the tourist office of the government of Indonesian province of Bali. Without problems connected with Agung volcano the number of Russian tourists visiting the country could be greater.

Totally, according to statistic data, during the period from January to December 2017 the island hosted 5 million 698 thousand foreign tourists from the top 20 major incoming markets. In comparison with the indicators of 2016, the increase of incoming tourist flow to Bali amounted 15.62%.

Russia is on the 14th line in the list of incoming markets for the Indonesian island, displaced New Zealand from this position. According to the statistics of the provincial government, in total 94,889 tourists from Russian Federation arrived to Bali in 2017. It’s 41.7% higher in comparison with 2016 (66,967 arrivals). It is noteworthy that Russia is ahead of almost all the incoming markets by annual growth rates, except India (45.6%).

It is noted, that according to official statistics of this country in 2017 110 thousand tourists from Russia came in Indonesia (+37.3% against 2016). Of this volume 85.6% came to Bali.

The share of Russian tourists in the total foreign tourist flow to the island is still only 1.67%. In 2017 the TOP 5 of leaders includes: China (1 million 385 thousand tourists, + 40%), Australia (1 million 095 thousand, - 4.2%), India (272, 8 thousand, + 45.6%), Japan (253 thousand, + 7.65%) and Great Britain (244 thousand, + 10%).