The results of flow of tourists from Russia to Thailand for April

Create: 06/13/2018 - 11:00

“The tourist flow from Russia to Thailand in April 2018 increased by 19% in comparison with the same month of the last year”, said the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of Thailand.

In April the country was visited by 126.4 thousand Russians, which is 19% more than for the same month a year earlier. The spending of Russian tourists in April rose by 22%.

The largest number of travelers came in April to Thailand from China - 986.7 thousand people (+ 32%), Malaysia - 299.1 thousand (-4.4%) and Laos - 140.6 thousand (+16.8 %). Russian tourists in this list are on the fourth position.

In total, for the four months of 2018 Thailand was visited 745.3 thousand Russians.