Prospect of Thailand for the winter season

Create: 09/21/2018 - 10:32

Thailand remains the leader of booking tours for the winter season, tour operators forecast sales growth from 5 to 20% in comparison with the last year. The weakening of the ruble and increased competition with other exotic destinations can correct the growth rate, but only the opening of Egypt is capable to seriously affect sales of this direction.

In the beginning of autumn Thailand takes the first line among all leading tour operators with the largest sales volume of tours for the winter season 2018/2019. So, PAC Group tour operator has in Thailand 50% of all sales for the winter. Similar or larger figures are given by other market players. UAE and Vietnam closely follow after Thailand.

Let's remind that according to the report of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand published in August, for seven months of 2018 this country has hosted 900,7 thousand citizens of Russia, which is 16.24% higher than the indicator for the same period of 2017.

The positive dynamics of the Russian segment was ensured, first of all, by three winter and first two spring months, when the volume of tourist traffic was a quarter higher than last year's and at the same time was significant in absolute figures - an average of 186 thousand tourists per month (from 126 in April to 226 in January). For comparison, the tourist flow from Russia in July was only 49.7 thousand people, in June - 48.5 thousand and in May - 57.1 thousand. Traditionally, the "low" season in Thailand continues until November, but last year the level of 100 thousand tourists, arrived to Thailand, the Russian tourist business surpassed in October.

A similar situation is expected this year. Almost all leading tour operators note the growth of sales of tours for the autumn-winter season in comparison with the last year for the period of early booking campaign (in the summer). Thus, PEGAS Touristik has the growth of 15-20%, PAC Group - 25%, ICS Travel Group - 5-10%, PAX - 15%.