More than 20 thousand Russians visited Genoa in 2017

Create: 06/13/2018 - 11:02

“More than 20 thousand Russians visited Genoa (Italy) in 2017”, - said Eliza Serafini the Marketing and culture adviser of Genoa city.

According to her, the Russians now are in the list of TOP 10 of countries which tourists come to this region.

In total, 518,500 foreign visitors visited Genoa. Most tourists came from France - 72.5 thousand people, Germany - 41.1 thousand, China - 29 thousand, Switzerland - 26,4 thousand and the USA - 24,3 thousand. The Russians tourists are on the eighth position.

The number of foreign arrivals in 2017 increased by 6.6% in comparison with 2016. Foreign tourists accounted 51.2% of the total number of Genoa’s visitors.