Early booking discounts for Dominicans reach 40 and even 60%

Create: 10/12/2018 - 11:30
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According to market participants, sales of Dominican direction in September are going in compliance of the announced plans. ANEX Tour, characterizing the high demand for the direction, pays attention to the prevalence of the concept of "all-inclusive", possessing of huge areas of local hotels and high-level animation in Dominican Republic.

All of this makes the direction a winter "analogue of Turkey" for the Russian tourist, who is ready to pay for the preferable and habitual format of rest.

"The demand for tours to Dominican Republic remains at a high level. It increases in proportion to how traditional summer destinations are closing. Dominican Republic is one of the most stable countries in the number of bookings. The depth of sales remains at the last year's level and already reaches May holidays”, - told PEGAS Touristik operator.

ANEX Tour notes, that the demand for the direction is increasing in the last three years, largely due to the growth in the volume of transportation and the differentiation of the offer for the class of service in flight. This year the volume of transportation is sufficient and there are an economy class and a business class for different client segments.

Biblio-Globus tour operator has the greatest demand in the direction for October –November. The sales for winter dates are going slightly slower, the most active are New Year's dates. As it was explained in the press service of the tour operator, these are the results of fluctuations of exchange rates and deferred demand. "Tourists still prefer 4-5* hotels in Dominican Republic, but they are waiting for the last minute offers, booking tours closer to the dates of the trip. Nevertheless, the depth of sales now already reaches February 2019", underlined Biblio-Globus.

Consumers are attracted to the final price of the tourist product. Despite the growth of Ruble exchange rate, the direction is interesting for the consumer, including due to discounts of hotels within the framework of the early booking action.

"Prices for holidays in Dominican Republic in this season, practically unchanged compared to the same period last year. The increase of the final value of the rest in rubles is due only to fluctuations of the exchange rate. Accordingly, the difference in rubles increased only by 10-15%", noted PEGAS Touristik.

In the framework of the early booking action, which runs until the end of October, discounts for accommodation reach up to 35-60%. Additionally, free accommodation of children under 12 years of age and a number of other special actions are offered.