Bulgaria predicts drop in tourist's flow from Russia by 20% by the end of the year

Russian tour operators refused of charter trains to Lapland due to low demand

Arrivals from Russia to Spain fell by 37%

Russian tourists keep traveling to Seychelles without visas

Russian tourist flow to Belarus in 2015 decreased by 10%

Croatia wants to develop economic, cultural ties with Russia

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The first week after introduction of biometrics for Schengen visas went smoothly

The introduction of biometrics is to stop group tours to Poland

Israel expects more Russians in the second half of 2015

The European Union has lost nearly 40% of the Russian tourists in the first half of the year

Eastern Europe loses almost half of Russian tourists this year

The number of Russian tourists in hotels in Latvia has decreased by almost 40%

For last 7 months, the number of Russian tourists to Spain decreased by almost 40%

Father Christmas files for bankruptcy: Fall in Russian tourists to Finland threatens to leave the company behind the Arctic Circle's Santa Claus Village without its star attraction

Tourists' flow to Japan since the beginning of the year rose by almost 50%

Subsidies will not help Turkey to save the flow of tourists from Russia due to the fall of the ruble

Turkey will subsidize charter flights from Russia to keep the flow of tourists

Federal Service of Consumer Rights warned tourists of a cholera epidemic in Kenya

Tourists' flow from Russia to Estonia in June fell by more than 30%