Coral Travel has performed the first flight to Gambia

The first 317 passengers of the direct charter flight to Gambia left Moscow on October 1. The event attracted the attention of almost all passengers of Sheremetyevo-F, departing at that hour, because the flight organizer, Coral Travel, made festive events at the airport.
Artists from Africa, dancers and drummers performed professional colorful show and the staff of Coral Travel gave gifts to their tourists and answered the questions about the new direction. On the board, the captain said a welcoming speech and at the airport of Banjul everything was ready for the meeting - a buffet, artists, photo reporters, friendly guides.
In Europe Gambia is called "Africa for beginners": rest in the country is inexpensive, there is practically no crime. Over several decades tourists from the UK, France, Germany and other countries spen their holidays on the golden beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, degust baobab ice cream, admire rare birds and enjoy Gambian hospitality. In addition, two natural monuments in Gambia are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The first is James Island, the second object is the rings of megaliths in Senegambia.
The prices for tours to Gambia start from 41,3 thousand Rubles (544 Euros) per person in a three-star hotel on BB basis. The package includes air flight, accommodation, transfers and medical insurance (in addition - 15 Euros for a visa). The flights will be carried out each 11 day on the boards of Boeing 767 of Royal Flight airline with a flight time of 9 hours.