The booking center of RossTour announced the impossibility of receiving new orders

Late in the evening of October 2, several sources told that the booking center of travel agent’s network of RossTour informed customers about the suspension of receiving new orders for tours from three tour operators. This decision was made in connection with the impracticable working conditions, which these operators have put forward the company.

RossTur CEO Alexander Nedopolz confirmed this information. According to him, over the entire history the company has never had debts to partners. The services of suppliers have always been paid before the departure of tourists. But in 2018, suppliers, one after another, changed the business terms and conditions for retail and began to demand payment within three days after getting orders. On September 28 and on October 1, tree leading tour operators, referring to the failure to comply new requirements, canceled access passwords for RossTur’s to their booking systems.

Alexander Nedopolz stressed that he was not going to close the company and will solve the problem with returning money to agencies whose clients could not go on holiday.

Nowadays, RossTour network includes 700 agencies in Russia. The head office of the company is in Yekaterinburg.

Later, RossTour booking center sent the follow mail text to its customers:

“We want to inform you about the current situation and the nearest plans of our company:

1. At the moment, our cooperation with tour operators Pegasus, Coral and Sanmar has been temporarily suspended, negotiations are underway with these companies. Cooperation with all other operators continues in the normal mode. The company continues to function.

2. All orders with departure before October 4 are paid in full.

3. For unpaid tours all decisions will be made individually, including rebooking.

4. From 03.10.2018 the new rules for payment of orders came into force: the travel agency will pay each application directly to tour operators. The invoice for payment will be attached to the application.

5. All further news will be reported as quickly as possible. We apologize for inconvenience.