In which European countries the tourists flow from Russia has grown in the first quarter 2017

Create: 05/17/2017 - 11:23

This year Europe expects more tourists from Russia than a year earlier. According to the European Tourism Commission (ETC), in the first quarter of 2017 in a number of EU countries the Russian tourist flow increased from 10% to 157%.

Among the countries mentioned in the ETC report, which recorded an increase of the number of arrivals from Russia are - Iceland (+ 157% against the level of the first quarter of 2016), Cyprus (+ 122%), Turkey (+ 88%), Estonia (+ 34%), Hungary (+ 33%), Finland (+ 28%), Slovenia (+ 25%), Germany (+ 18%), Poland (+ 13%) and Bulgaria (+ 10%).

"In this year the Russian economy will grow for the first time since 2014. This circumstance, against the background of the expected recovery of the Ruble, will improve the tourists flow", - it is noted in the ETC report. Recall that, according to Yandex service, in March the interest of Russians to travel to EU countries has grown by 61%.

According to ETC, the situation with the good dynamics of Russian tourists' trips to Turkey promises this country a rapid increase of tourist number in 2017.

Still, the ETC believes that despite on the active return of Russians to Turkey, Cyprus this year will show the high dynamics of arrivals from Russia. As a result of 2016, the growth of arrivals to this country from Russia amounted 48.9%, the number of nights increased by 31.9.

According to the ETC report, in the first quarter of 2017, many European countries noted double-digit growth of international arrivals: first of all - Iceland (+ 54%), whose tourist flow is growing due to an increase of the volume of transportation on transatlantic routes. Among leaders are also Cyprus (+ 26%), Portugal (+ 25%) and Malta (+ 23%), which could defeat seasonality.

Among the other destinations showing growth of foreign tourist flows are Bulgaria (+ 19%), Finland (+ 18%) and Estonia (+ 13%). Also, Switzerland (+ 3%), which confirmed its status as the leading winter destination in Europe.