Tour operators summed up the results of sales of tours for November holidays

Create: 11/05/2018 - 13:25
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Based on the structure of sales of tour operators, in general, the market has noted an increase in demand for tours, including the period of three-day “long” November weekend. However, this growth has its own characteristics, and the picture of demand on the domestic and abroad destinations is different.
According to aggregated estimates of tour operators, the majority of selling tours for the November holidays in 2018 remained at the same level as last year. Nevertheless, the organized tourism market still showed some growth, about 10%, for the market as a whole, but it was achieved due to the results of several large companies.
Turkey, Russia and Thailand are included in the TOP-3 of the most popular countries for rest during the period of November holidays 2018.
It is noted, that last year the November holidays showed an increase in demand for tours in annual terms (for different companies from 20% -100 % on outbound destinations and 5-10% on domestic).
Last year, on outbound tourism market the minimum increase in sales for tours for November holidays was about 20%, growth was noted by all market participants, and for some players it was significantly higher than the figure mentioned. Such growth rates are explained by the general revival of the outbound tourism market in 2017 and deferred demand.
The TOP of destinations in early November 2017, in which there were the most sales, included Turkey, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, the Dominican Republic, Thailand and Vietnam. Tourists preferred beach vacation with a relatively short flight. Among the excursion directions were the Czech Republic and Italy.
In 2018, there is no such large growth on out coming market - many large players note only last year’s level of demand.
Nevertheless, a number of large companies, which have actively expanded their autumn-winter flight program with their own charter transportation, have a considerable growth. Thus, according to PEGAS Touristik tour operator, which launched several new charter programs for long-range destinations at the end of October, the November holidays 2018 were 40% more booked compared to the previous year. An increase of 11%, including outbound directions, is also noted another major player - Biblio-Globus tour operator.
The TOP of the most popular destinations at the beginning of November 2018 changed under the influence of economic realities - tourists began to save more.
In 2018, the TOP of outbound destinations for the November holidays includes Turkey, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, the UAE, Goa, Vietnam and Jordan. Traditionally, the leaders are visa-free countries where beach holidays are in demand, but some of the relatively “expensive” destinations (Cyprus, Israel) disappeared from it, been replaced by cheaper “charters” (Goa, Jordan).
Turkey predictably retains one of the leading positions on the abroad market in early November. As noted in PEGAS Touristik and TUI Russia, this destination is leading by a large advantage. The popularity of holidays in Turkey is explained by both affordable prices for holidays (from 25,000 Rubles (333 Euros) for two persons from Moscow for 4–5 nights), and the variability and frequency of charter flights. For example, PEGAS Touristik flies to Antalya daily until November 18. Starting from November 2, Intourist tour operator flies twice a week on the rout, Coral Travel and Sunmar also have autumn-winter Antalya.
The rating of foreign excursion directions for November 2018 includes the Czech Republic, Italy and the Baltic countries.