Study: Russians spend more than Europeans

Create: 07/17/2018 - 15:51

“Travel spending of Russians exceed the same spending of Europeans”, - according to a study made for 2017 by Visa Global Travel Intentions Study, which analyzed travelers from 27 countries.

According to received data, on average, Russian tourists spend $ 1,676 for a trip, which is slightly less than the cost of the entire world - $ 1,793. Tourists from Saudi Arabia ($ 5333), Kuwait ($ 3,133), China ($ 2,988), Australia ($ 2,745) and the UAE ($ 2,722) are among the TOP 5 leaders on travel spending. The spending of Europeans on average is $ 1,174.

At the same time, Russians spend 51% of travel budget before the trip, 49% - during the travel. According to the data of 2015, Russians spent $ 2,730 for one trip.

The company also names the most popular destinations among Russians for the past year: Turkey, Thailand, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic and Germany. On average, Russian travelers make 4.3 trips a year and travel longer than the average tourist in the world - 10 days, which is one day shorter than in 2015.