The "stops" from the popular hotels have slowed down the dynamics of growth of Greece

Create: 05/03/2018 - 17:16

In the season 2018 the leading tour operators are seriously expanding both their volumes for island Greece and the flight programs.

The leading tour operators report that demand for Greek resorts for the summer 2018 during the early booking program has grown. According to market participants, we are talking about an increase from 10 to 30%. The tour operator Biblio-Globus from 2016 to 2017 notes the 15-20% increasing demand for tours to Greece, TUI Russia operator is talking about 10-15% of growth, Sunmar tour operator - +15%. NTK Intourist, PAX, Coral Travel and ANEX Tour operators report about the growth of Greece in the campaign of early booking in comparison with the previous year.

The largest increase in early booking has the largest player of the Greek direction - Muzenidis Travel, which this year also received the status of "Official Partner of the Year of Tourism Russia-Greece 2017-2018".

Georgy Masmanidis, the CEO of Mouzenidis Travel Greece said that in January sales growth of Greece amounted 40%.

"At present, the growth rate has decreased from 40% to 25-27%. The reason is that all the popular hotels in Greece are gradually becoming full", - says the top manager. In his estimation, this is due to the fact that the Greek direction is in high demand among tourists of Western Europe.

According to the general opinion of market participants, the dynamics of demand for Greece will slow down. Firstly, such discounts as were at the stage of early booking (which reached 40%), there will be no more, and secondly, many popular hotels will be in stop-sale at the peak of the season.