Russia, Turkey and Cyprus have become the most popular destinations for a Day of Russia holiday

Create: 06/04/2018 - 15:29

“Russia, Turkey and Cyprus have become the most popular destinations for the June weekend, when the country celebrates the Day of Russia”, - reported the press service of Biblio-Globus travel operator.

In total, the company analyzed more than 50 Russian and foreign directions. "Inside Russia the most popular destinations are the resorts of Sochi and Krasnodar Territory, their share in the sales structure is more than 70%. Next are the resorts of Crimea, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Caucasian Mineral Waters and tours of the Golden Ring of Russia", - the press service said.

Among the foreign destinations on the leading positions are Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Tunisia, Spain, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Dominican Republic. At the same time, the demand for tours to Tunisia, according to the tour operator, in comparison with the same period of last June increased by 104%, to Spain by 56%, to Turkey by 36%, to Greece by 22%.

Also, the company noted that the tour destinations such as Czech Republic, Italy and Belarus - are very popular for the June holidays.

According to the tour operator, in Russia the minimum cost of tours for the June weekend with air transportation, accommodation at 3-stars hotels on BB base amounted up to 10.4 thousand Rubles ($ 167), on Antalya coast of Turkey - 21.9 thousand ($ 352), for the tour to Cyprus - 24,4 thousand ($ 392), to Greece - 24,7 thousand Rubles ($ 397). The trip to Tunisia will cost from 25,5 thousand Rubles ($ 410), to the resorts of Spain - from 27,6 thousand ($ 444). The minimum cost of excursion tour to Czech Republic starts from 21,9 thousand Rubles ($ 352), to Italy - from 24.2 thousand ($ 389), to Belarus - from 21.1 thousand Rubles ($ 340).