The most beneficial destinations for autumn travel are named

Create: 10/02/2018 - 15:10

"Specialists of Biblio-Globus tour operator have determined the directions, where you can go on holiday this autumn with the maximum benefit. Prices for tours traditionally decrease at this time, so savings on traveling to some countries can be up to 20-30%. Among the destinations with the best price-quality ratio are Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and Spain", the report said.
In the beginning of autumn, the experts of the tour operator for beach holidays recommend resorts of the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus, Turkey, Spain and Greece. "Water in the Mediterranean Sea in the first half of autumn is still warm, the air temperature during the day is 25-28 degrees. Beach vacation at this time of year will be especially comfortable for travelers who do not tolerate summer heat", the tour operator's press service added.
According to the company, the cost of a weekly tour to Cyprus for the autumn dates with air flight, transfer and accommodation in the hotel starts from 25.4 thousand Rubles (327 Euros), to Turkey - from 25.9 thousand Rubles (336 Euros). The minimum price for a tour for a week at the resorts of Greece is 28 thousand Rubles (364 Euros), Spain - 34 thousand Rubles (441 Euros).
For the beach holiday in the second half of the autumn, Biblio-Globus experts recommend the UAE, Goa and Thailand. "Since the middle of autumn these countries are entering into a "high tourist season" and the rest at beach resorts at this time of year will be pleased with the comfortable warm weather," the company explained. Also the resort of Eilat, located in Israel on the coast of the Red Sea, is very comfortable for a beach holiday in the second half of autumn,.
According to the Biblio-Globus, the cost of the tour for a week in the UAE, including air flight, hotel accommodation and transfer, starts from 30.7 thousand Rubles (398 Euros), in Goa - from 25.9 thousand Rubles (336 Euros), in Thailand - from 36.3 thousand Rubles (471 Euros). Weekly vacation in Eilat will cost a minimum 32.6 thousand Rubles (423 Euros).
Among excursion tours Biblio-Globus recommends trips to Czech Republic, Italy and Spain. The cost of a sightseeing tour to Czech capital Prague starts from 28 thousand Rubles (363 Euros), including air travel, transfer and accommodation at the hotel, to Italy - from 26,5 thousand Rubles (344 Euros). The prices for excursion tours to Spain with flight to Barcelona start from 43 thousand Rubles (558 Euros).
"Various promotions are in effect while you purchase the tour until the end of October, for example, discounts on accommodation, upgrading the category of rooms and catering, nights in hotels as a gift, transfer as a gift,"- explained Biblio-Globus.