The most accessible foreign destinations for travel on March 8 are named

Create: 03/23/2018 - 11:59

“Turkey, Cyprus and Bulgaria are the leading destinations among the most accessible foreign countries for the long weekend in March 2018”, - reported the press service of Biblio-Globus tour operator.

"When compiling the rating of available foreign destinations for beach and excursion holidays we took into account the cost of tours to more than 50 foreign destinations which lasting five days with air transportation and accommodation in a 3-stars hotels per person", - the press service said.

According to the data of the tour operator, the most accessible foreign destinations for excursion holidays are Turkey (a trip to Istanbul started from 15.5 thousand Rubles ($275), Belarus (from 17 thousand Rubles ($301), Italy (from 17,7 thousand Rubles ($314), Spain (from 21, 2 thousand ($376) and the Czech Republic (from 21.5 thousand Rubles ($ 381).

The list of the most accessible foreign beach destinations for holidays includes Cyprus (18.7 thousand Rubles ($331), United Arab Emirates (from 25.2 thousand Rubles ($ 447) and India (Goa, from 31.8 thousand Rubles ($ 564).

Among the most budgetary destinations for ski holidays the rating of the tour operator included Bulgaria and Andorra. The cost of a five-day ski tour to Bulgaria for the March dates started from 18 thousand Rubles ($319), in Andorra - from 20,9 thousand Rubles ($ 370).

The duration of March holidays amounted four days – since March 8 till March 11.