How much money do the Russians save by choosing All Inclusive system in Turkey

Create: 03/12/2018 - 16:33

Russian tourists on holiday in Turkey spend less than Britons, Japanese and Australians. The Institute of Statistics of Turkey (TÜİK) published curious data about how many foreign guests spent during their vacation in the country. This statistics included only those expenses that tourists make directly during his stay in Turkey. The statistics do not include the cost of living in hotels and other services that the tourist buys in the country as part of, for example, a package tour.

The Russians, who by total tourist flow have outrun other countries (4.7 million tourists), are not the leaders by spending in Turkey during vacation. Moreover, as it turned out, the Russian tourists "invest" in the Turkish economy 28% less than the average foreigner: on average, every Russian spends 458 dollars, while the average spending of all foreign tourists in Turkey is 630 dollars.

For comparison: a German tourist spends on average 685 dollars during vacation in Turkey, British - $ 639, French - $ 839. The most lavish tourists for Turkey are the guests from Australia and Japan: they spend 1312 and 1008 dollars, respectively.

The low expenses of Russians on vacation in Turkey can be explained simply: the Russian tourists in the vast majority choose the all-inclusive system in Turkey, preferring not to leave the territory of hotels and not to spend money on food or entertainment outside the hotel complexes. Thus, we can conclude that on average, Russians save at least 28% of the possible expenses outside the hotels.

As for the number of nights, on average, foreigners spend 9.6 nights at Turkish hotels. And the Russian indicator is lower than average: 6.5 nights. British tourists come to Turkey for 8.3 nights, Germans - for 10.5 nights, Australians - for 16.3 nights.