Holland as Tourism Destination from Russia. Analysis till 2017

Create: 07/04/2018 - 13:01

According to the annual published data of the Federal State Statistics Service, Netherlands was visited:

2014 year - 179 000 Russian tourists
2015 year - 174 740 Russian tourists
2016 year - 176 891 Russian tourists
2017 year - 219 000 Russian tourists

In 2017 the largest increase of tourist flow to the Netherlands was shown by Russian Federation. Last year more than 219 000 Russians visited this northern country, which is 25% more than in 2016. These data show the growth of popularity of this European tourist destination among Russian citizens.

51% of tourists go to the Netherlands to relax and admire the sights, while 36% are the trips of a business nature.

As a rule, the Russian tourists visit the Netherlands as part of tours along several countries. 65% of them visit the Netherlands in organized tours, the rest prefer to travel in small groups or pairs, but without children.

The most popular tourist city is Amsterdam. For a year it is visited by about 75000 Russians.

NTO of Netherlands in Russia is represented by the company "AviaReps" (Moscow).