The growth of sales of Greece at the end of the season can be 5% and more

Create: 07/20/2018 - 13:04

Tour operators in this summer season expect an increase of sales of tours to Greece, but already note a number of factors that since the beginning of summer restrain the demand for the direction.

Despite some pressure from the actively growing Turkey, Greece in the season-2018 demonstrates growth of sales or as minimum the result at the level of the last year.

Georgy Masmanidis, the CEO of Mouzenidis Travel Greece said that the level of demand remains at the last year's level. "We have a good depth of sales, the percentage of accommodation reach the dates of mid-September", - he states.

Marina Makarkova the Head of the public relations department of Coral Travel tour operator also confirms that "the depth of sales of Greece is quite significant, there are already bookings for September and October".

According to ANEX Tour operator, the demand for tours to Greece remained at the previous level, however this season the customers book mainly hotels of category 4-5-stars.

A number of major players have seen an increase of sales of Greece in comparison with the same period of the last year. The highest dynamics of bookings of Greece (+ 40%) was shown in TUI Russia, due to excellent results of early booking. Intourist reported that an increase of sales of Greece is about 10%, in Biblio-Globus - + 12.6%, in PEGAS Touristik - + 15-20%.

Sales hits, first of all, are Crete and Rhodes then Corfu, Kos and Zakynthos. Although the mainland resorts of Greece, due to its rich excursion offer, are also in demand.

As for the meal option, popular among Russian tourists in Greece, as Georgy Masmanidis notes, is "All Inclusive" system, although from year to year there is an increase of demand for HB or BB.

Speaking about the factors that affect the demand for Greece, Alexander Arapoglu the Head of the direction of Intourist tour operator notes the grown of Euro rate against the last year's level and competition with other beach destinations, especially the "dollar’s ones". "In general, this season cannot be called as stable and predictable", - he said.

In the "TUI Russia" note that with the beginning of the season the depth of sales of Greece decreased. This is due to some oversupply of transportation in Greek direction and, as a consequence, the appearance of special offers for the nearest dates. "Tourists, especially holders of Schengen visas, are beginning to wait for the appearance of last minute offers, which ultimately affects the depth of sales", - underlined the company.

According to the leading tour operators, in this season Turkey, Cyprus, Spain and Italy are the main competitors of Greece on the Russian market.