Experts named the most popular countries for Moscow residents during May holidays

Create: 05/14/2018 - 12:12

“Experts named the most popular countries for rest during May holidays among the residents of Moscow region. The TOP 3 includes Turkey, Russia and Cyprus”, - reported Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).
"Most residents of Moscow region for May holidays bought tours to Turkey - 39% of all bookings, in Russia - 16.7% and Cyprus - 8.05%", - informed ATOR.
Greece follows them in the list of the most popular tourist destinations (7.72% of tourists), sales of tours to this country grew by 36% in comparison with the last year due to attractive prices for tours.
The next in the list are Thailand (5.19%), Tunisia (5.12%), the United Arab Emirates (4.13%), Dominican Republic (1.8%), Spain (1.66%) and Vietnam (1.46%). The rest of the countries had less than 1.4% of sales for each.
According to the Association, the average cost of package tours with the departure from Moscow for May holidays slightly increased by 2.3%. This year tourists often purchased tours for seven nights, the average cost of a trip for two persons amounted 54.5 thousand Rubles ($ 865).
On average the May tour to Turkey cost 54,300 Rubles ($ 862) for two persons, most tourists bought tours for 7-8 nights. The main type of food is all-inclusive.
The package tours around Russia were most often purchased for a period 4 - 6 nights. On average such trips cost 13.2 thousand Rubles ($ 210) for two persons, which is 32.7% less than a year earlier. The main category of hotels is 3-stars.
For a trip to Cyprus in these May holidays tourists paid an average 65 thousand Rubles ($ 1032). As in Turkey, Cyprus hotels usually were purchased for 7-8 nights for two. The main category of hotels was 3-stars, the preferred type of food was HB.
According to ATOR, the average cost of tour packages for May holidays in Greece was 43.2 thousand Rubles ($ 686) for two persons for 7-8 nights. The preferred type of hotel was 4-stars, the main type of food was all-inclusive.