Early booking program – the leaders and dynamics

Create: 06/06/2018 - 16:47

March was the peak month for the early bookings of summer tours this year. The Analytical Service of ATOR has studied the statistical data on the use of B2B services of Sletat.ru tourist aggregator for March 2018.

For this month in the search engine "Sletat.Ru" users made 45% of search requests more than in March 2017, which characterizes the more active interest of users primarily to proposals within the framework of early booking program from tour operators.

The greatest dynamics of demand in March was shown by Turkey, which increased its rate by 113.9%. The number of requests for the UAE increased by 110.6% to the previous year, and by 22% to Jordan. A number of Asian destinations showed a negative trend: India (-37.5% of requests against March 2017), Israel (-24.4%), Sri Lanka (-16.7%), Maldives (-24, 4%) and others.

Among EU countries the users selected tours in 18.6% of cases, all search requests for the EU in March 2018 was 6.7% less than a year earlier. In this group the growth was shown by only Bulgaria (+ 58.5%), Greece (+8%), Czech (+25.7%), Belgium (+4.8%) and Estonia (+28%).

In other European directions there was a decrease of the number of searches - more than 40% on such directions as Great Britain, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Slovenia. The decrease in the number of requests in the range from 20% to 40% was recorded for such countries as Austria, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Finland, Croatia, Montenegro.

In March 2018 the list of the leaders of search requests for users of Sletat.ru includes: Turkey (45.4%), Thailand (8.2%), the United Arab Emirates (6.5%), Greece (4,7%), Tunisia (4.6%), Russia (3.8%), Cyprus (3.5%), Vietnam (3.2%), Bulgaria (2.8%) and Spain (2, 4%).