Demand for beach rest in India rose by 50% in the winter season

Create: 11/24/2017 - 11:50

In this winter season market players note a significant increase of demand for beach holidays at the resorts of Goa and Kerala. Also mass tour operators are organizing their winter programs on this direction.

This year in the organized segment of tourism the demand for beach India has grown by different estimates by 40-50% in comparison with the last year.

The popularity of India in winter season the tour operators explain by general growth of interest for the country, the recovery of the out coming tourism market, as well as by adequate balance of price and quality of leisure in India against the background of a simplified visa regime.

Resorts of Goa state is in requisition among Russians in India. According to the search resource "", in winter season of 2017-18 the share of Goa in the general ranking of requests is 83.9%, for the New Year period - 75.8%. As for Kerala these figures are 5.1% and 2.6% respectively. It should be noted that Goa is present in the assortment of a large number of Russian tour operators who organize charter transportation both from the capital and from Russian regions.

Most often Indian resorts, as before, choose young people. Specialists of tour operator "Biblio Globus", however, note the growing demand for family holidays with children in Goa (there are children's clubs in 4-5 - stars hotels), as well as an increase of share of selling tours on the base "all inclusive".

In the winter season the most popular duration of holidays in Goa is 10 nights (21% of search requests of ""). Then follow 8 and 12 nights: 8% and 6% of the requests respectively. The most popular range is from 7 till 14 nights. On New Year's holidays this indicator also is 10 nights (17% of search requests). The demand is almost equally distributed between 4, 3 and 5 - stars hotels.

The most popular length of rest in Kerala in winter is 9 nights (22% of search requests). Then - 11 and 6 nights: 9% of requests. The most popular range is from 5 till 7 nights. For the New Year holidays this indicator is 7 nights (22% of search requests). The tourists prefer here the hotels of the same categories as in Goa.

The indicator of the depth of sales has grown too: at present time the depth of sales for beach India (Goa, Kerala) among tour operators reaches February.

In comparison with the last year the cost of tours to India has not changed. According to "", the average cost of the tour in winter season in Goa is 85,075 Rubles ($ 1441) (with a flight from Moscow for two persons at 4-stars hotel, 10 nights). The tour in the New Year period will cost 146,482 Rubles ($ 2492).

Kerala is slightly more expensive. The average cost of the tour in Kerala is 133,102 Rubles ($ 2255) (with a flight from Moscow for two persons in 4-stars hotel, 9 nights). The tour in the New Year period costs 159 620 Rubles ($ 2704) (with a flight from Moscow for two persons in 4-stars hotel, 7 nights).l