Austria as Tourism Destination from Russia. Analysis till 2017

Create: 07/05/2018 - 14:26

According to the annual published data of the Federal State Statistics Service, Austria was visited:

2015 year - 333 333 Russian tourists
2016 year - 223 016 Russian tourists
2017 year - 183 043 Russian tourists
January-March 2018 - 264 082 Russian tourists

In 2017 by the number of night stays Russia is on the 9-th line in the list of TOP 10 of incoming markets for Austria. The Russians have 68.7 thousand arrivals, which are 33.7% more than a year earlier, and 178.6 thousand night stays - an increase is 34.6%. By dynamics the Russian market is the second one after Chinese (+57%). At the same time Russians by the number of night stays the Russians are ahead.

The spending of Russian tourists in Austria is also much greater. So, they spend on average 235 Euros per day, Americans - 199 Euros, tourists from Germany - 111 Euros.

2017 was declared the year of bilateral tourism between Russia and Austria.

2018 year Russia and Austria proclaimed as "The Year of Music and Cultural Routes". This new Russian-Austrian initiative is a continuation of the "Year of Tourism" and is aimed at further deepening of bilateral inter-regional humanitarian contacts.

In 2019 cultural and tourist cooperation between the two countries is planned to be targeted on the youth audience.

According to Oleg Safronov, the Head of Russian Tourism Organization - "Cooperation between Russia and Austria has great prospects in the sphere of tourism".

The Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Economics of Austria Elizabeth Udolf-Strobl confirmed these words, saying that her country noted a steady trend of growth of the Russian tourist traffic in 2017. "We are very pleased that Austria is increasingly represented on the Russian market", - she said.

Austria attracts Russians by rich history, cultural and musical traditions, ski and balneological resorts, the possibility of interesting shopping.

The most visited cities are Vienna and Salzburg.

Representation of the NTO of Austria is operating at the Austrian Embassy in Moscow and greatly contributes in the popularization of the country as a tourist destination for Russian tourists.

The recent visit of the Russian President to Austria confirmed the intention of the two countries to develop cooperation, including in the field of culture and tourism.

And Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurtz in his interview stated: "As a republic we are also happy that Russian citizens spend their holidays with pleasure among us". He advised the Russian tourist the places to be visited in Austria and what dishes of national cuisine to taste.