35% of destinations don't have tourism office in Russia

Create: 02/27/2018 - 17:09
Russian Travel Digest has complied a list of all travel destinations available for Russians and has analysed how they are promoted, and if they have any representative office or person. 
The Representations of the National Tourism Organizations (NTO), which operate in Russia, have various organisational and legal forms. It can be 
- their own tourist offices (representative offices), 
- departments or responsible persons at embassies and consulates, 
- specialised companies engaged in the promotion of a particular direction, 
- authorized persons of NTO who work either directly in Russia or at home.
According to Rosturizm, the TOP-10 of the most popular destinations among Russian tourists in 2017 included Finland, China, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Tunisia and Thailand. It is noteworthy that all these countries have their representations in Russia in one form or another.
Some NTO work in several directions at once. For example, the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates) is represented by the Russian company Altezza Communications, and at the same time the employees of the Department of tourist standards of the National Chamber of Commerce are engaged in the promotion of the Emirate on the Russian market. Or Sri Lanka, which has a department of tourism in its Embassy ​​and a department of Russia and CIS countries at the National Tourist Office in Colombo.
The analysis of the 200 most popular tourist destinations (countries) for the presence or absence of NTO representative offices in Russia shows that representations in the form of independent tourist offices amount 16% of all forms, the departments and official persons of embassies - 16.5%, services of specialized companies - 22.5% and authorized persons work in 10% of cases. 41.5% of destinations do not have representative offices.
In some cases, travel agencies or tour operators act as representing companies instead of PR companies. 
For instance, Azerbaijan on the Russian market is represented by TOUR A VENT tour operator, registered in the register of tour operators in August 2015. The operator is the official representative of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, works only in this direction and offers tourists tours of any type and level in this country.
Qatar is represented by Space Travel tour operator, which operates on the Russian market since 1991. The operator concluded an exclusive contract for cooperation with NTO of Qatar in 2018, which is, in turn, a structural unit of Qatar Airways. The Executive Director of Qatar Airways Mr. Akbar Al Baker noted that this contract will provide the best Arabian service for guests and will form among Russian tourists a positive attitude towards the country as a tourist destination.
In August 2017 the tourist agency NKOREAN was registered - the only agency, licensed by the Government of North Korea in Russia, which coordinates its work with North Korean Embassy in Moscow. It offers organized tours in groups of 10 people and travel on individual routes in order to show real life in North Korea.
Please send us an email request, if you would like to know if particular destination has any representation in Russia and in which form