Airline iFly changed CEO for the second time in half a year

Kirill Romanovsky, who previously headed the Vnukovo Airport Ground Management Center, became the new director of iFly airline. The corresponding changes were made to the register on September 25.

This is the second shift of the general director over six months. Romanovsky took this post instead of the pilot Yuri Nikiforov, who headed iFly at the end of July - after the arrest of the previous director Yevgeny Filatov on suspicion of receiving a bribe in a large scale.

As the spokesman for the carrier, Alexander Korovka explained - this is a planned replacement. Yury Nikiforov was appointed to the position of iFly CEO only until Kirill Romanovsky, who at that time had obligations to another company, came to work. “It was originally planned that Nikiforov would hold this post temporarily - until Kirill Romanovsky was released. This is a very strong manager and we believe that with him a lot will be changed for the better, first of all - in punctuality of the execution of the flight program. We aim at minimizing the number of delays”, said Korovka.

According to him, for this purpose, the company is actively expanding its fleet - by the end of the year, the fleet of iFly will be replenished with at least two more Airbus A330s. “They are suitable for our tasks, including the transportation of Chinese tourists to Russia, as well as Russian tourists abroad”, - the expert said.