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"Vekturiya" tour operator announced about suspension of activities

The tour operator for domestic tourism "Vekturiya" reported about impossibility of rendering services under contracts and suspension of its activities from July 28. The company posted this notice on the main page of its website.

It also noted that the reason for the suspension of the activity was the robbery of the company's office on August 27, 2016 and a significant drop in demand for tours in 2017, "which resulted in a shortage of working capital and suspension of work".

The civil liability of the tour operator for unrealization of the tourist product is insured in insurance company Helios for the amount of 500 thousand rubles. At the moment it is known that the total amount of debt for the failed tours is 573 thousand rubles. Thus, almost all tourists of "Vekturiya" can receive compensation in full volume.

However, the company worked not only as a tour operator, but also as a travel agent for out coming tourism. Will tourists, who have used the services of "Vekturiya", receive any payments in this case – it’s still unknown.