Travel agents of Ekaterinburg are discouraged by the cancelation of New Year's flights to Bali

Create: 11/01/2017 - 08:49
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The fact of cancelation of previously announced flights of Royal Flight from Ekaterinburg to Bali on the dates after December 24 is widely discussed by the participants of the market on the profile Internet sites in social networks. As the representative of one of the travel agencies wrote, the tour operator Coral Travel (the customer of the flight program) offered them a refund of money or an additional payment of 6 thousand dollars as an alternative for a New Year's tour booked and paid month and a half ago. “It is noted, that to buy the tickets by affordable price for regular connecting flights from Ekaterinburg to Denpasar on New Year's dates for the remaining time is already unrealistic fact", - complains the retail representative.

As the Head of one of the networks of travel agencies, operating in Yekaterinburg, told - Coral Travel representative in this city explained optimization of the flight program to Bali by insufficient sales rates, including for the New Year’s dates.

There is another version of the reasons of the reduction of the charter chain on the market. Some experts believe that cancelation of flights from Ekaterinburg to Indonesia is connected with a very limited number of long range airliners of Royal Flight - there are only three of them. Probably, the tour operator, chartering them, and the air carrier decided not to take on excessive risks and use the airplanes on another routes with more guaranteed loading.