Tour operators extend winter flight program to Tunisia

Create: 10/11/2017 - 22:50

Some tour operators have decided to extend flight programs to Tunisia. As the representative of ANEX Tour Company told, the tour operator decided to transport passengers to Djerba island all the winter season round. This was announced at the annual ANEX Tour conference at the Tunisian Hammamet resort held from 5 to 12 October. Flights will be carried out by Azur Air airplanes twice a week. According to the Deputy General Director of the company Yana Muromova, in the winter the Tunisian island resort will serve as one of the alternatives to Egypt, closed to tourism from Russia. The results of summer sales may promise the successful filling of the liners.

The General Director of Pegas Touristik Anna Podgornaya confirmed the high demand for the direction and announced the intention of the tour operator to extend the flight program until mid-November. Initially, the Company planned to finish the transportation of the tourists in late October.

At the same time tour operators began summer season - 2017 with less bright forecasts: Pegasus kept the transportation at the same level and ANEX Tour and Coral Travel even reduced the number of flights.

As the representative of the national tourism office of Tunisia told, tourist flows to the country are being restored. For example, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavian countries, which significantly reduced the intensity of charter flights to Tunisia after terrorist attacks in 2015, restored it to its previous level. "The country is taking unprecedented measures to ensure security in tourist areas, in addition - increased control at airports, as well as inspection on the land borders with neighboring Libya and Algeria", - explained representative of the national tourism office of Tunisia Mr. Abdezarak Azuzi.

Until the end of this year the resorts of Tunisia expect to host about 6 million tourists. And according to the national office of tourism, the number of travelers from Russia, who visited Tunis from the beginning of the year to the end of September, reached 450 thousand people.