Rosaviatsiya issued permission for "Ural Airlines" to flight from Zhukovsky on 11 routs

Create: 12/24/2018 - 11:25
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Rosaviatsiya issued permission for Ural Airlines to flight to a number of new destinations from Zhukovsky - the airport near Moscow. It follows from the order of the department, published on its website.

In particular, the airline received an admission to perform daily flights from Zhukovsky to London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Stockholm, Prague and Karlovy Vary.

Rosaviatsia also issued permission for flights twice a week from Zhukovsky to Milan (the airline requested admission to flights four times a week to this city) and Catania.

In addition, a permit was issued for flights from Zhukovsky to Paris three times a week and to Chimkent (Kazakhstan) 10 times a week.

Also, Ural Airlines has got an increased permission to fly on the route Zhukovsky - Beijing from five to seven times a week.

Currently, Ural Airlines flies from Zhukovsky in 10 destinations: to three cities of Tajikistan (Kulyab, Dushanbe and Khojent), two cities of Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek and Osh), to Tbilisi, Tel Aviv, Rome, Kaliningrad and Simferopol.

In addition, as it was reported, from December 24, the airline plans to launch flights from Zhukovsky to Alma-Ata, from December 26 to Prague, and from December 29 to Sochi.