On the position of the new CEO of VIM-Avia is appointed the former Head of Transaero

Create: 10/04/2017 - 16:48

“Alexander Burdin has been appointed on the position of the new General Director of VIM-Avia”, - informs the press service of the air carrier.

"In order to resolve the crisis situation in VIM-Avia airline, Alexander Burdin, who has a considerable experience in the crisis management, has been appointed as a new CEO. Alexander Burdin comes to VIM-Avia airline with a strong team of experts in the field of management. Since today all the departments of VIM-Avia airline are strengthened by the new qualified management personnel", - the report said.

The press release stresses that the new management team of VIM-Avia has already started financial analysis, stabilization of the air carrier's activity, as well as the development of a new adaptive and cost-efficient model.

"The schedule of repayment of the existing debts for fuel and airport services is coordinated now. The new management of the company closely cooperates with law enforcement agencies of Russian Federation", - adds the official of the Company.

A. Burdin headed Transaero airline for two years. He headed the carrier already after ceasing of activities of the airline.

The previous General Director of VIM-Avia, Alexander Kochnev, who managed the airline since 2009, was charged with fraud.