Tourist flow from Russia to Germany is growing due to independent tourists

As reported at the National Tourism Office of Germany, according to the results of 2017, visa centers of German Embassy noted 16% increase (against 2016) of the number of applications for a tourist Schengen visa. In 2017 in Moscow 194 thousand applications were processed, in Kaliningrad - 28 thousand and in St. Petersburg - 20 thousand. More than 37% of issued visas are long-term, for a year and more.

It is noted that the flow of organized tourists to Germany also increased, but the growth rates are much lower than the general ones. According to "" - online flights aggregator, for whole 2017 year the organized demand for Germany grew by 2% in comparison with 2016.

"Individual tourism dominates on the German direction. The developed infrastructure of the country and its regions makes it possible to plan independent travel without problems", - says the representative of PAC Group tour operator.

In 2017 approximately 30% of applications at visa centers of German embassy were issued for visiting relatives and friends, 40% of all travelers to Germany needed tourist visas, 22% of travelers had business and 6% - medical goals.