Russian Travel Digest

Tour operator "Aelita Travel" reported about suspension of its activities

“St. Petersburg tour operator "Aelita Travel" reports about suspension of its activities”, - this statement was published on the company's website.

"In connection with the inability of the tour operator “Aelita Travel LLC” to fulfill its obligations under contracts for the sale of a tourist product for the reasons beyond its control and on the basis of Article 17.4 of Federal Law – 132 "Tourism Activities in the Russian Federation", the company hereby notifies about suspension of tour operator activities since July 17", - said in the statement.

As explained in the message, in this regard, the company cannot organize a rest in the children's health camp "Olympia" in Bulgaria (Obzor, the base "Chavdar").

"Due to this situation, we offer the companies, which have contractual relations with the company "Aelita travel" to come to the office of the company with a purpose to compile a register of applications for return of money paid under the contracts", - the company said.

"Aelita Travel" has worked since 1997, was acting as a specialized operator for children's recreation. The program "Olympia" was run by the Bulgarian "Land Logistic", whose leader died.