The total amount of loan debt of VIM-Avia is about 7 billion Rubles

“The total amount of loan debt of VIM-Avia is about 7 billion Rubles. The airline has six creditor banks, the leading creditor bank is Zenit Bank”, - said the Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko on Wednesday.

According to A. Neradko, the owner of VIM-Avia applied to Rosaviatsiya two weeks ago with a request to help him with crediting of the current operating activities. "We, after learning of this problem, immediately organized a meeting with creditors - and at this meeting suddenly the owner announced about loss of interest to conduct further aviation business", - the official added.

At the same time, he recalled that Rosaviatsiya is considering the financial and economic situation of airlines on the basis of financial statements. "The financial statements are officially sent to the tax inspection, audited is conducted once a year in accordance with the current legislation. As of January 1, 2017, the airline had provided financial statements which were reviewed and analyzed. As a result - the airline was in compliance with the first, the best group on financial and economic sustainability and paying capacity", - A. Neradko concluded.

Airline VIM-Avia on September 25 stopped all charter flights due to financial problems and a shortage of working assets.

The stop of activity was preceded by a series of delays of flights to Russian and foreign airports, which concerning thousands of passengers. By the end of the season, the airline has to send to the resorts and return from them 50 - 80 thousand customers of tour operators. In total, the Company sold tickets to more than 190 thousand passengers.