Russia and Japan want to increase the mutual tourists flow up to 250 thousand people in two years

“Russia and Japan plan to increase the mutual tourist flow among themselves up to 250,000 in 2019”, - reported TASS.

According to the Head of Rosturism Oleg Safonov, the parties will sign the corresponding document during the annual international tourism exhibition JATA in Tokyo.

"We will work to increase the tourist flow between the two countries determining the number of 220 thousand, which we plan to achieve in 2018, as an orienting point, and in 2019 - 250 thousand citizens moving between the two countries. I cited the dynamics for this year: the number of tourists who came from Russia to Japan increased by 40% and from Japan to Russia by 18%", - the Head of Rosturizm added.

According to the website of the agency, as part of the presentation of the Russian tourist product in Tokyo, Oleg Safonov announced the opening of the National Tourist Office “Visit Russia” in Japan. The new office will promote the Russian tourist product on the Japanese market, based on the needs and interests of tourists from Japan.