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In Russia "All Inclusive" system has legalized. What are the differences between Russian and Turkish standards of “AI”?

It is interesting that Russia first legislatively gave a definition for "All Inclusive" and "Ultra All Inclusive" systems. We appreciated it together with the Turkish hotelier.

The standards of “AI” and “UAI” systems will be put into operation this summer at the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. Recommendations for the provision of services within these systems have already been developed by the regional administration and published in Order No. 195 (July 13, 2017).

The experts tried to understand the new standard and found out from the Turkish hotelier what is the difference in “AI” between Russian and Turkish concept.

Hotels and not only

AI and UAI systems, according to the plan of the Krasnodar authorities, can be implemented not only in hotels, but also in all other accommodation facilities, including health resorts and pensionates. The main thing is to provide the appropriate format for food, services and staff training.

The fact of the legislative "separation" of the terms "AI" and "UAI", on the one hand - is Russian know-how (in Turkey and Egypt it is more a marketing feature, since the UAI does not have clear standards), on the other hand – is a clear sign that Sochi resorts seriously decided to compete on the same field with Turkish ones.

At least 4 dishes for lunch

The document of Krasnodar authorities has a recommendatory nature. First of all, the recommendations concern food in hotels. For example, all-inclusive hotels offer three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner in the buffet format), as well as options for additional food such as early breakfast and dinnerette, as well as an afternoon snack.

The alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages must be presented in an unlimited number, at least locally produced.

As for the “UAI” system, there is also provided three meals a day in the form of a "buffet" with the only difference, that the hotel must have diet and baby food. Also in restaurant, where food is provided, there should be a blender, microwave oven and children's chairs.

As for the range of the buffet, for this case the Krasnodar officials provided rather tight standards.

In the morning it is recommended to use one of the options for a weekly breakfast menu: breakfast cereals, muesli, fish gastronomy (herring, sprats, cold and hot smoked fish), meat gastronomy (ham, pork, sausages, etc.), natural vegetables, salads and vinaigrettes, pancakes, casseroles, soft cheese of different sorts, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, kefir, fermented milk, milk (cold and hot), cream, egg dishes, milk porridges, pastries, tea, coffee, cocoa.

All-inclusive lunch menu includes at least 8 - 10 items of cold appetizers, 2 - 3 soups, 4 - 6 main courses, sauces, desserts (jelly, creams, fruits), flour confectionery, hot drinks, juices and branded beverages. The dinner menu in the form of a "buffet" include 8 - 10 items of cold appetizers, 4 - 6 main dishes, sauces, desserts, including fruits, flour confectionery and hot drinks.

“UAI” lunch includes at least 10 - 12 items of cold appetizers, 3 soups, 8 - 10 second dishes, sauces, desserts (jellies, creams, compotes, fruits), flour confectionery, hot drinks, juices and branded beverages. In the dinner menu the "buffet" includes 10 - 12 items of cold starters, 10 - 12 main dishes, sauces, desserts: including fruits, flour confectionery and hot drinks. In the daily menu it is also recommended to include signature dish from the chef.