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Rosturizm has excluded only one tour operator from the register for non-payment of contributions to mandatory funds

As a result of the creation of the personal responsibility funds and the reserve fund in the "Turpomosch" on the web site of Rostourism appeared an order, stating the exclusion from the unified register only one legal entity.

Recall, that in accordance with the requirements of the updated law on tourism, the tour operators need to create the founds in "Turpomosch" of personal responsibility before January 31, 2017.

"Every legal entity must have its own fund and, as required the law, the monetary resources of the fund should be placed on a separate bank account of “Turpomosch", - said the Head of the Legal Service of ATOR Nadezhda Efremova.

The tour operators create the personal funds at the rate of 1% of the total price of tourism products for the previous year. Newly established tour operators pay a sum of 100 thousand Rubles. Apart from the personal funds, in 2017 the tour operators also create a reserve fund in the field of out coming tourism (former compensation).

Non-payment of contributions to one of these funds entails the exclusion from the "Turpomosch" and from the unified register of tour operators. On Tuesday, the Federal Tourism Agency website published the corresponding order, dated January 6. According to the document, only one tour operator was excluded from the registry - LLC "Pavior".

Nine companies from the unified register have blown chances to engage in international tourism, however, retained the right to create and sell the domestic tours in Russia. These are the companies: LLC "RT Volga", LLC "Jason Travel", LLC "MPL", LLC "Jet Set Sports RU", LLC "Good Time", LLC "Travel without Borders", LLC "Shar Travel ", JSC "MaVi group ".

On the web site of Rostourism also reported, that befor January 31, 2017 the total number of tour operators, which extended its membership in the Association "Turpomosch" and created a fund of personal responsibility, amounted 578 companies.