NTK Intourist plans to transport tourists from Turkey only from October 1

“At present time there are 10 thousand customers of NTK Intourist tour operator in this country”, - said Sergei Tolchin the Deputy General Director of the company on Wednesday, September 27. According to him, only since October 1 the company will be able to send aircraft to Turkey for returning its customers to Russia. 3 thousand tourists had to extend their vacation. The tour operator pays by itself for extra accommodation in hotels for all tourists. At the beginning of the next month NTK Intourist hopes to send back all the tourists according to the schedule.

Sergei Tolchin also said that the problem with sending vacationers from Simferopol is almost solved. Some tourists flew back by flights of the other airlines, the rest will be transported within the next few days.

At the same time, the partners of the tour operator are worried. They have a feeling that Intourist stays on standby position and unlike its colleagues does not take operative measures for returning its tourists in time. Allegedly the company expects for subsidizing of transportation by the state or other measures that will reduce its own costs for returning tourists. An explanation for this is the lack of prompt decision, which has to make the head office of NTK Intourist - the British company Thomas Cook.

In any case, according to the experts, the tour operator can hardly seriously rely on the state aid. According to the source of TourDom.ru, the clients of Intourist, as well as the clients of the other tour operators, do not have return tickets in the hands, which is the main condition for recognizing the responsibility of the airline. And in addition, the tour operator made a contract with the airline through air brokers - Aerocredo and Spectrum, and this scheme also blocks efforts to get help from the budget.

In the evening of September 27 the management of NTK Intourist explained: the opinion of the tour operator's inactivity is deeply mistaken, the company is looking for resources for the speedy return of tourists to their homeland. Another thing is that Intourist's scope of tasks is much larger than others have. So, it is difficult for the Company to quickly solve the problem related to the impossibility of VIM-Avia's fulfillment of its obligations. Especially in the absence of free airplanes on the market.