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"Natalie Tours» vs «Transaero»: we’ll send in an appeal and a year later - reconsideration

On Monday, the Moscow Arbitration Court sustained a case of the external manager of bankrupt airline "Transaero" to recover $ 5.8 million from the tour operator "Natalie Tours". However, this is only the first stage of the trial: "Natalie Tours" will appeal against this decision. According to the president of "Natalie Tours" Vladimir Vorobiev, appeal proceeding will last at least 6 months after which, due to numerous procedural violations, the case will be transfer to the first instance for a new consideration.

At the same time, "Natalie Tours" has filed another cross-action to "Transaero" for recovery of damages of about 400 million rubles. The lawyers of airlines company objected to the adoption of such claim, arguing that it should be made in the framework of bankruptcy proceedings. As a result, the court dismissed the "Natalie Tours" appeal to collect funds without consideration.

OUR REFERENCE: Airline "Transaero" had stopped all flights since October 25, 2015 after the government's decision on its bankruptcy because of huge debts.