Natalie Tours

"Natalie Tours" was founded in April 1992. Since that time, Natalie Tours is a tour operator with an impeccable reputation in the Russian outbound tourism market. The company works both on mass and individual tourism destinations. Repeatedly, the company was recognised as the leader in number of tourists sent to Europe. /information is translated from the official web site of the tour operator/
Established in Year: 1992

Size of the company: about 400 employees

Expert Comment: Co-owner of Natalie Tours, Natalia Vorobiova is on 24th position in Forbes TOP 100 list of the richest women in Russia (16th position in 2014, 14th position in 2013), her capital is estimated in 90 million US Dollars ($105 million in 2014, $105 million in 2013). The company started with sales of tours to Black Sea resorts, trying to break Soviet standards (only they offered single accommodation in double rooms). In their first season in 1992 they had 120 tourists, in a year later - 5 000 tourists, in 2012 - 850 000 tourists. The main destination is Spain, followed by UAE. The marketing campaign of Natalie Tours is usually very active and sometimes aggressive, with many PR publications in professional tourism media, banners on main tourism resources and rather interesting actions for travel agents. They were one of the first who created incentive trips for the best travel agents upon the results of the season. The results of the competition between travel agents are even published in their own web page. The commission policy for travel agents was always different from others, since they offered only 7-9% for the start. Some years ago, they even asked travel agents to have deposit in order to make bookings. Recently, they offer standard conditions of cooperation for travel agents, commission starts from 10% as for many other tour operators. As some other big tour operators, Natalie Tours have their own franchise chain of travel agencies (about 90 sales points, about 20 of them are in Moscow). But if several years ago, the conditions of work under the brand were really strict, now they even allow selling tour product of other tour operators, give maximum commission, and take no royalties upon fulfilment of the plan.

Destinations: Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Indonesia, Spain, Cyprus, Cuba, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, UAE, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, the Philippines, France, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Belgium, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Greece, Dominican Republic, India, Iran, Italy, China, Latvia, Maldives, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Seychelles, United States, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Finland, Montenegro, Switzerland, Estonia.

Tour Types: Beach Holidays, City Break, Ski Holidays, Cruises, FIT, Safari Holidays