Mouzenidis Travel explained the reduction of Ellinair park in winter

Airline Ellinair reduces its fleet, reported the telegraph channel of "Turdom" on October 30. “The market is discussing what is happening between Mouzenidis Travel and Ellinair. There is an assumption that its own airline became excessive for the tour operator, and it was decided to gradually abandon it,” informed the report.

According to the portal “”, nowadays there are four aircraft in the carrier’s fleet. Two Airbus 320 recently were returned to Atlantis European Airways company (October 21 and 29), two Boeing 737 - to Bul Air (October 20 and 28).

According to observers, there is nothing criminal in this. It is stated on the official site of Ellinair, that the air fleet of the company consists of four airliners (two Airbus A319 and two Airbus A320). In the summer season, airplanes operate flights in the interests of Mouzenidis Travel tour operator. And in the "low" season, the carrier has to transfer an extra carrying capacity on other routs: as a rule, they are used on the internal Greek lines, and also transport passengers to Thessaloniki from Moscow and Minvod and to Athens from Krasnodar. But this time the company could consider such an option as unprofitable and decided to simply return the liners to the leasing companies. Moreover, these are the oldest aircraft in the Ellinair fleet - one is 21 years old, the second is over 27.

This version was confirmed by Alexander Tsandekidi, the general director of Mouzenidis Travel. He explained that the planned air fleet renewal is taking place now- two or three airplanes are derived from the fleet if they do not meet the tour operator’s requests for any parameters: age, equipment, etc. “We are not planning to increase the fleet yet – in the summer season there will be 10 aircraft. The renewal will be completed before the end of the year,” explained Alexander Tsandekidi.