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Travel Exhibition in Kiev

Create: 04/11/2017 - 09:07

29-31 of March 2017 UITT took place in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Louis hotels were participating first time the event among the others 9 Cyprus exhibitors. Louis hotel had not the stand but round table with materials and company badge and it is necessary to mention that visitors mostly try to communicate with professionals who have stands but some of them just catch the info flyers and bright journals without any aim.

I guess that Louis table was very well equipped (photo attached – if you need) and people including colleagues from CTO, Greece and other stands come to greet and talk with Louis representative more than often. Only those who were interested in Louis hotels took the visit card or the catalogue. Lot of people marked the great idea to put all hotels to list of table and compare their facilities. 46 visit cards were received by me in return.

29-30 mostly travel agencies participated, last day personal clients visited the event. Some of them, near 10-15% asked about the opportunity to open Ukranian representative office with Ukranian phone numbers and contacts (to solve faster visa and air tickets issues). Some of them needed very personal info, e.g. time of flowers bloom for clients with allergy or directions of path for Nordic walking and bike routes near Louis hotels.

Chief representative officer of Hellenic bank was also interested in contacts and asked about communication in Ukraine.

All 120 catalogues and souvenirs were appreciated by participants, nothing left )).


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