Tour operators TUI Russia and Muzenidis Travel have created a joint tourist alliance to send Russians to Greece

Create: 02/07/2018 - 13:56
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“Tour operators TUI Russia and Muzenidis Travel have created a strategic alliance in order to expand the range of offered programs in Greece”, - representatives of both companies said at a press conference on February 5.

"TUI Russia up to now was focused on Crete and Corfu, Mouzenidis Travel has traditionally very strong positions in Northern Greece. And now we want to start a partnership program which involves a lot of joint action. Together we expect to get the best prices from hoteliers, to try to compete with European companies for hotel’s market. The association will allow our company to be presented in all regions of Greece", - explained the Director General of TUI Russia Taras Demura.

According to the CEO of Muzenidis Travel Alexander Tsandekidi, the companies have already started joint work. According to him, its result will be the expansion of the geography of air transportation to Greece and the range of offered hotels, as well as an increase of the number of rooms in these hotels.

The Deputy Director of TUI Russia Vladimir Rubtsov stressed that the alliance with Muzenidis Travel has already led to twice increase of early booking of Greece.

"In 2017 we sent 20 thousand tourists to Greece, in 2018 we want to triple this figure. The sales by the end of January exceeded the last year's result, in particular thanks to cooperation with Muzenidis Travel", - T. Demura added.