Tour operator Intourist began selling package tours to Gambia for the winter season

Create: 09/11/2018 - 16:23
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The tour operator's booking system already offers package tours with a flight to this West African country from Moscow and St. Petersburg. The first flights start in early November 2018, when beach season begins in Gambia.

Intourist offers package tours to Gambia (the arrival airport is Banjul) from Moscow and St. Petersburg by air wings of Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Turkish Airlines with 1 connection.

Now the tour operator's website includes tours to the resorts of Serekunda (one 3-stars hotel and three 5-stars hotels), Kotu (two 3-stars hotels and one 4-stars hotel) and Bacau (one 5-stars hotel). Tour packages which include beach holidays at the hotels on the Gambia coast start from 3 nights.

The prices of Intourist package tours to Gambia with a flight by regular lines start from 205,716 Rubles ($ 2,981) for two persons in 3-stars hotel with breakfast in Kotu (round-trip air flight, transfer, insurance, accommodation for 7 nights). The same tour in 3-stars hotel in Serekundu will cost 211,230 Rubles ($ 3,060) for two persons. Tours in 5-stars hotel in Bacau with the same parameters will cost from 230 042 Rubles ($ 3,333).

The average price for New Year's dates on the resorts of Gambia from Intourist is 2,500 Euros for two persons for the full package.

Recall that earlier this year another tour operator Coral Travel offered package tours with a flight to Gambia. This West African direction, therefore, is becoming interesting to wider range of leading travel companies in Russia.