Pobeda Airlines plans to fly to the UAE

Create: 07/11/2018 - 10:53
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Low-cost Pobeda airline requested permission for daily scheduled flights on the route Moscow - Sharjah. This follows from the materials of the interagency commission on admissions.

As Director General of Space Travel Arthur Muradyan believes, if the carrier's application is satisfied, the tour operators of the direction will not extract dividends or will not suffer losses from this fact. And the tour operators should not be afraid of competing with their own flight programs.

“There are Biblio-Globus tour operator and Rossia airline flights on the Moscow-Sharjah line with a rather favorable price of seats. In addition another low-cost airline Air Arabia performs daily regular flights on the rout in cooperation with the players of the direction. It is unlikely that Pobeda’s tariffs will be significantly lower”, - Arthur Muradyan suggests.

According to the Head of Pantheon Anatoly Garkushin, the appearance of Pobeda airline on the route will lead to outflow of part of the clientele from the organized tour market to the segment of independent travel, but it is unlikely that the number of such tourists will be significant. “The hotels of the UAE are focused, first of all, on cooperation with tour operators and not on direct sales”, - note observers.

In this case, experts add: the choice of Sharjah (one of the most budgetary resorts in the UAE) as a destination is quite rational for the low-cost airline.